Thursday, August 15, 2013

Something inbetween...

Are you enjoying your day? So do I. Yesterday I was out in the town. After I collected my bike from the repair shop (I look lovely on a bike too) I drove around a while, enjoying the beautifully smelling air, the wind and the sun on my skin. My initial thought was to go to the public library, get a book and sit at a café with a nice cup of coffee at the market place of the town I now live in. But instead I stopped at a little bookstore. BTW, have you noticed how many books from the library aren´t treated well? People touch them with dirty hands, sneeze into them, smear their boogers on the paper... yuck! I was always known as an avid reader and the idea of a library is a nice one - one cannot own all the books in the world. Where would I put them? Still... yuck! Anyway, there I was, strolling through a tiny bookstore (owned by a very nice older lady) and guess what I found: a book written by myself! 

Marlene Dietrich's A.B.C. (Das ABC meines Lebens, copyright by dtv)

Wait... how could they colour the wrapper in pink? And why did they choose this truly hideous font? Who the hell was responsible for this mess? That person should be fired - sofort! I mean... I´m not any old princess or... Barbra Streisand. Those guys can afford to be in pink, they never were elegant anyway. The U.S. version looked much better, it was released in 1963 by Doubleday. But let´s concentrate on beautiful things: I was so delighted to find my book at this little bookstore. Usually you can only find the so-called 'biographies', not even the book by Maria which is the only biography you should read. Apart from this blog of course. It has been a long time since I´ve read this little ABC and while I was drinking my coffee, now sitting on the terrace of the little café, I skimmed the book. It really is a funny book, especially if one gets the inside jokes. And there are recipes inside it! For cooking, not for audio stuff. Because of that I will close this little inbetween article with one of these recipes, you won´t regret it. I was famous for my cooking among my friends after all. Of course, go out and buy the book yourself, you won´t regret that either... but please ignore that ugly cover.
A good stopgap for lunch or dinner. Put some fat and several halfed slyces of rye bread in a pan. On that you put two thin slices of cooked ham and on top of that one thin slice of Swiss cheese. Roast it for two minutes on an open flame (gas stove), then slide it into the not too hot oven until the cheese just starts to melt. The bread is scrumptious, the ham juicy, and the warm cheece still looks like Swiss cheese - not like sauce. 
Bon appétit!

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