Über mich (About me)

Heya there, Süßer. Nice of you to stop by!

From my facebook banner on the right you can probably guess the name I´m currently using. But that´s only some identity I adopted to hide from the public eye. I´m in fact Marlene Dietrich... but you, dear reader, are the cream in my coffee, so call me Marlene. I´m your guide through an evening of fun and games and I hope you brought me cigarettes and coffee.

I began this blog because a very good friend still alive suggested it to me. He said that I might have something to say about issues I´m interested in. I wasn´t so sure, who would be interested in ANYTHING I'd write after all these years? Sure, I was considered an expert when it came to acting, singing, fashion and touring the world's most famous stages. But those days are long gone, now I´m a housewife. He was right though: I needed something I could do, a hobby. Something where I could put my vast knowledge and experience to good use. Honestly, cooking chicken bouillon, cleaning floors on my knees and doing the laundry is boring if those are the only things you have to do all day long. And thus this blog was born.

Being me brings along certain responsibilities, that´s why this blog looks as gorgeous as it does. Thoroughness, hard work and attention to detail are strong virtues I inherited from my Prussian mother. "Do your duty", I can hear her saying. So the same perfection I´ve always excercised regarding my work and my appearance is adopted for the design of my blog. Thank God for everything Jo taught me! The result is a beautiful beacon, a bold yet elegant Art Deco statement transformed into a website.

But looks are shallow if they lack meaningful content. Right from the start of my career I´ve been interested in all things music and audio. I was one of the first persons to own a portable record player, I took it with me when I travelled from Berlin to Hollywood in 1930. I was there when studios progressed from mono to stereo, I observed the introduction of digital technology. Countless devices, portable or stationary, have been going through my manicured hands over the decades. If I´m not perfectly suited to write about audio related topics I don´t know who is.

People say that I´ve passed away in '92 after living 14 years as a hermit. Quatsch! I´m immortal of course, I wonder why nobody has ever realized that. But my solitary life spent in Paris left its marks after all. I was lonely, the only thing connecting me to the outside world was the telephone. Many people I loved passed away, leaving me alone in a world becoming more confusing every day. So in 1992 I re-took the helm of my life before it was too late, left Paris and moved back to Germany. I wanted to meet real people again, I wanted to smell the fresh air... I wanted to be home. I couldn´t go back to Berlin (still have a suitcase there), my face is too well known in my hometown. In the end I settled for the beautiful, little town Münster where I could walk the streets unnoticed. Look at this, here I am being melancholic. Tritt dir in den Hintern, du dumme Gans!

Boys, I´m Marlene Dietrich and I´m back. My beauty and my perfectionism came along and they will leave you breathless. I´m a passionate goddess, a whore and a saint, a beautiful angel descended from the heavens to bring style, sense and truthfulness to this world. Yes, I´m a rollercoaster, wanna take a ride?

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